Health Care Downtime Solution

PALSafe is a complete stand-alone solution for downtime printing of bar-coded Patient ID Bands and Labels, using pre-designed templates. Patient data is securely stored in an encrypted format.
PALSAFE ensures proper patient identification and safety while maintaining a time-stamp history on all downtime patient data entries. It supports all standard bar code types, including 2D.      

         Simple to use and affordable Windows-based Software Application.

         Supports both Laser and Thermal printers.

         Produces any barcode type including 2-D.

         Supports any media (Labels, Tags and Arm Bands)

         Patient information can be stored using secure encryption with administrative password access

         Maintains print history for data entry and tracking

         Exports to Excel or HL7 file formats

We are proud to be a member of the Identification Systems Group


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 Health Care Downtime Solution
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