Magner 915 Coin Packager

The Magner 915 is a tried and true coin counter packager designed for lower volume users. The counter-top 915 will count and package all denominations of Canadian and US coin. The off-sort function allows the 915 to be used as a basic coin sorter/separator. This is not designed to replace a dedicated sorter, but will be adequate for lower volumes.

  • Up to 1800 coins per minute
  • Hinged culling tray holds approx 1500 25c
  • 110 vac
  • 9.06"wide X 12.6" deep X 6.69" high
  • Net Weight 8.5kg

Product Categories:

Bill/Currency Counters
 Laurel J-710
 Magner 75 High Speed Currency Counter with Counterfeit Detection
 Used/reconditioned Currency Counters

Coin Counters and Packagers
 Magner 915 Coin Packager

Counterfeit Detection
 Mag II - 4 in 1 Plus Currency Authenticator



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