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    Thoughts on shredder oil - How to oil a paper shredder


  • We service and repair high security, fine cut shredders, and the main problem we find is that they have not been oiled regularly with the right kind of oil.  
  • Oiling your crosscut paper shredder regularly is the best thing you can do to optimize performance. 
  • Unless the manufacturer states otherwise, you do not need to oil a straight or strip cut shredder.
  • Only use the oil supplied by manufacturers such as Intimus, Dahle or Ideal.
  • Intimus, Dahle and Ideal oils lubricate the cutting head while their detergent properties help flush out dust from the cutting head.  Vegetable oils do a poor job.
  • The so called shredder oil sold by office supply stores, chain stores and stationery stores is poor quality, even though it may have a big name attached.  It can leave a sticky residue which causes paper dust to stick, and over a short time gums up the cutting head. For the same reason, do not use motor oil.  $3000 or $4000 shredders have been wrecked because the user tried to save money on oil. Funny thing is, the correct type of oil is no more expensive.
  • To oil your shredder properly, turn it on and press the forward button or block the input sensor with a piece of paper.  With the machine running, squirt a liberal amount of oil the full width of the cutting head.  Do this three times and then switch machine into reverse and oil again while it is running backwards.
  • Most manufacturers recommend oiling after 30 - 60 minutes of shredding
  • Call us with any shredder maintenance questions - (902)450-5075

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