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If you have any questions about operating or troubleshooting equipment that we sell, please let us know.  If it's something in which other customers may be interested, we'll add it to the FAQ section.

How to change a ribbon on Datacard CD800

Please remember:
  • The ribbon winds from the supply spool to the take-up spool
  • The old, used ribbon will have the big roll towards the back of the printer
  • The new, unused ribbon has the big roll towards the front of the printer
  • The shafts on the ribbon holder are different sizes for a reason.
  • Do not remove the cap from the take-up spool on the new ribbon, that is the RFID tag that allows the ribbon to communicate with the printer.  If you take it off and damage or lose it, you will have to buy a new ribbon.
  • Davies Enterprises stocks ribbons and supplies in our Halifax, NS office - Order ribbons
Watch the video - how to change a ribbon 

Change ink roller on Addressograph or Newbold Imprinter

Watch the video How to install ink-roll in Newbold or Addressograph imprinter.  Video courtesy of our colleagues in New England

Need ink-rolls ?  We have them in stock - order inkrolls.

How to Clean Datacard CD800 Printer

What needs to be done?
  • Clean transport rollers
  • Clean print head
  • Replace sticky roller
Why ?
  • Dirty transport rollers will cause the card to slip as it goes through the printer, this may cause poor registration and poor print quality
  • Dirt on the print head will cause lines on the printed card and premature print head failure
  • You get a sticky roller with every ribbon, replace it and help keep any dirt or debris on the card from damaging the print head
How to clean the printer

How to oil a cross-cut paper shredder

Why should I oil a paper shredder?

We service and repair high security, fine cut shredders, and the main problem we find is that they have not been oiled regularly with the right kind of oil.  

  • If you have a security cross cut shredder, it is essential to oil it
  • Oiling your crosscut paper shredder regularly is the best thing you can do to optimize performance.  The tight tolerances in the cutting head of a high security shredder demand lubrication, if you find the number of sheets you can shred in one pass is not what it should be, oil the cutting head.
  • Unless the manufacturer states otherwise, you do not need to oil a straight or strip cut shredder.
  • Only use the oil supplied by manufacturers such as Intimus, Dahle or Ideal.
  • Intimus, Dahle and Ideal oils lubricate the cutting head while their detergent properties help flush out dust from the cutting head.  Vegetable oils do a poor job.
  • Some of the so called shredder oil sold by office supply stores, chain stores and stationery stores is poor quality, even though it may have a big name attached.  It can leave a sticky residue which causes paper dust to stick, and over a short time gums up the cutting head. For the same reason, do not use motor oil.  $3000 or $4000 shredders have been wrecked because the user tried to save money on oil. Funny thing is, the correct type of oil is no more expensive.
  • To oil your shredder properly, turn it on and press the forward button or block the input sensor with a piece of paper.  With the machine running, squirt a liberal amount of oil the full width of the cutting head.  Do this three times and then switch machine into reverse and oil again while it is running backwards.
  • Most manufacturers recommend oiling after 30 - 60 minutes of shredding
  • If you have a strip cut shredder, you probably don't need to oil it more than once or twice a month
  • Use the right oil, the one recommended by the manufacturer, not from the stationery store just because it may be a little cheaper.  

Intimus Indicator LightsIf oil warning (7) comes on:

  • Open the door.
  • Control display (8) comes on, reverse button (4) LED display and control display (7) flashes.
  • Close the door
  • Squirt a stream of Intimus Shredder Oil through the paper feed slot (12) onto the full width of the cutters.
  • Feed a sheet of paper

To turn off the display after the cutters have been oiled:

  • Open the door until the control display (8) lights up. The control displays (7) and (4) flash.
  • Press the reverse button (4) and keep it held down until the control display (7) goes out.
  • Close the door again.
  • The cutters now start a cleaning cycle automatically (forward and reverse run) and then switch off. The machine is ready for use again.
To order more Intimus Shredder Oil, or with a shredder maintenance question, email, or call us (902)450-5075

What do the lights mean on my shredder?

Light bars on the control panel of your Intimus Paper Shredder show how hard the shredder is working.  Try to keep the lights in the green or yellow range by feeding fewer sheets at once.  You will get better performance and your shredder will last longer:

Green light: light load < 50%

Yellow light: medium load 50 - 75%

Red light: heavy load, jam may occur 75 - 100%

Shredder Accessories

Which Shredder Bag should I use ?

Models Bag # Shred Receptacle
20 No bag No box
26 PB3 No box
32 PB3 No box
45 PB2 or W-APB2 M-S026739
60 PB3 M-S026740
90 PB3 M-S027741
70rx PB4 93335
120 / 502 PB4 91055
702/175 PB4 85829
602 /130cp PB4 83210
007/852 PB11  


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