Photo IDs

Maybe you have just a few employees and feel it's hard to justify your own in-house photo-id system.CD800 Azul Tech Corp Card Sample 756X1131You could try to find something used, something that is being sold because it doesn't work properly, or you could have Davies produce ID badges or membership cards for you.
  • Send us a good quality copy of your company logo or graphic
  • Give us an idea of what you want on the finished ID
  • Email good quality photos of your employees or members.  Photos to be taken against a plain matte background, zoomed to head and shoulders.  Jpg, png, bmp, tif are all acceptable.
  • Photos must be identified with the subject's name or employee number
  • Email listing of names, titles etc.
  • Do you need any special security features?
  • Usually the id's are ready next day
If you would rather produce your ID's in-house, take a look at our card printers, or check out our mobile badging app for your smart-phone.
  • WaterfrontDevLogoVery good communication and service, great support
    during the customization period and well done end product.

    Nik Karbowski, WDC, Halifax, NS