Intimus 85 RX Series Pharmacy Shredder

85 RX Pill Bottles to be Shredded85RX Shredder Left Side ViewIntimus 85 RX Series Pharmacy Shredders provide pharmacies, clinics, addiction centers, nursing homes, hospitals, and other medical facilities with HIPPA-compliant destruction of a wide range of sensitive medical information and products, including paper prescriptions, prescription bottles and labels, flat or crumpled paper, cardboard, adhesive labels, acetate sheets, x-rays, foil laminated documents, ID badges, key cards, credit cards, passports, CDs, DVDs, and other multimedia items.

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Compact and commercial-grade for continuous-duty, this rugged shredder has two feed slots – a thin slot for paper, prescriptions, and other documents that contain sensitive patient information, and a large rectangular slot on top of the unit for plastic pill bottles, crumpled paper or other bulky items. The larger slot has a sliding clear plastic cover that allows the users to view the destruction process. It accepts pill bottles up to 16 ounces in volume (including caps) and can destroy up to 200 bottles per hour. Final waste particle size is only 3.6 mm x 43 mm. The 85 RX is equipped with an automatic oiler to keep cutting heads well lubricated and also helps clear away residue from adhesive labels and sticky fluids like cough syrup.

A dynamic load sensor shows users if they are feeding items at a suitable rate or if they should feed faster or slower.  Auto Reverse provides fast, efficient clearing of jams. The unit’s i-Control smart switch provides automatic start/stop and operational status.

Compact in size, Intimus 85 RX Shredders fit comfortably in tight spaces, ideal for use under counters. The 85RX shredder plugs into a standard 120V outlet and is mounted on casters, allowing easy moving for emptying or relocation. The quiet operation will not interfere with confidential patient consultations. Sealed cabinet prevents the escape of dust or shredded materials. 
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