Addressograph Mdl 2000 Web LRAddressograph® changed their name a few years ago to NewBold®. The 2000 series is the latest in a line of hospital imprinters, following on from the 5000 and 860 series.

So easy to operate you need only finger-tip pressure to print reliably on even 8 part forms, the NewBold® 2000 series sets the standard for hospital imprinters.

Newbold 2000 Datasheet
How to install ink-roll. Video courtesy of our colleagues in New England
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Datacard 280 EmbosserThe Datacard 280 series embossers have long been the healthcare standard for embossing patient cards.  Use the 280P on a network, or use a format stored in the embosser so you can still produce patient cards even when the network goes down.
280P Datasheet
CotG rgb web

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