CIM Maxima 821 Health Card Embosser

maxima 821Choose the MAXIMA 821 as the perfect solution for low volume healthcare or hospital card embossing. With easy to use manual feed, cards are inserted and removed from the single access point for operator convenience and security.
Will handle CR80 or CR50 cards.
Optional magnetic stripe encoding
Two available versions: without (MAXIMA 821) and with (MAXIMA 821T) tipping
module (for embossed characters)
Download Maxima 821 datasheet

CIM Maxima 841 Health Card Embosser

maxima 841 45809The MAXIMA 841 hospital card embosser is almost the same as the Maxima 821, except the Maxima 841 is faster, and has automatic feed.

Newbold 2000 Imprinter

Addressograph® changed their name a few years ago to NewBold®, who recently announced that they would no longer manufacture any imprinters.  Ink-rolls are also no longer available.

Newbold 2000 Datasheet
How to install ink-roll. Video courtesy of our colleagues in New England
View basic operating instructions

Check out our Patient Label solutions for an alternative.

Datacard 280P

Datacard 280 EmbosserThe Datacard 280 series embossers have long been the healthcare standard for embossing patient cards.  Use the 280P on a network, or use a format stored in the embosser so you can still produce patient cards even when the network goes down.
280P Datasheet
iscontinued As of August 27, 2018 - the 280 is no longer available
Take a look at the CIM MAXIMA 841 (Automatic Feed) and the MAXIMA 821 (Manual Feed).
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