ISG S100 Patient Label Printer

S100 webISG™ Summit Series S100 printers are the fastest, easy-to-use thermal wristband and label printers in the industry.  This is a much more economical and environmentally friendly method of printing labels than with a laser printer and full sheets.  Our PAL® program utility means you can use an existing datastream and cutomize the output.  Zebra and Datamax emulation are standard.  Available in thermal or thermal transfer versions, use a ribbon for longer label life.

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On Demand Healthcare Labels

OnDemandLabels 1Don't waste time and a lot of money printing patient labels on your laser printer.  Toner and sheet labels are expensive, and a waste if you just need one or two labels.  Scan the patient chart label to instantly print as many labels as you need. The chart label, printed in registration, contains a 2D barcode with all the patient information. on each label. A time/date/location stamp can be printed on each label. 

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Provincial Health Card Label Printer

Health Card Label Swipe PrinterMobile blood collection companies need the information from the Provincial Health Card to attach to the blood sample.  

Until now, many were carrying an electric Addressograph and imprinting the embossed data onto a label.  Our solution couples an ISG label printer with a mag-stripe reader.  With no need to connect to a computer or network,  multiple labels are printed in seconds, with barcodes, date/time stamp, MSI number, and other required data.

With imprinters from Addressograph no longer being manufactured, any hospital department can use this as a backup if their  IT system is down.  Our system does not require a computer or network connection.

Downtime mode for patient id wristbands & labels

Like it or not, hospital IT systems sometimes crash or go into a scheduled maintenance mode. However, registration departments still must be able to admit patients and produce barcoded identification wristbands for patient safety. With this in mind, ISG offers patient ID solutions like Downtime Mode, which allows users to continue printing patient labels even when networks are offline.
View the Downtime Mode datasheet for more information on this unique patient ID solution.

Bedside Lab Labels

Hospitals regularly need to produce special labels for lab samples, often as specimens are collected at the patient's bedside. Positive patient identification is absolutely essential in these situations, as proper labeling of the sample in relation to the patient could be lifesaving. Using a barcode scanner and portable Bluetooth® printer, a clinician can quickly scan a patient ID wristband, their own ID card, and enter the quantity count. A lab label is then printed with the patient's name, medical record number, blood band number, the clinician ID number, the date/time, and any other info needed to properly identify the sample(s). Read our Bedside Lab Label Datasheet to learn more about this patient label printing system.

Patient Registration Wristbands and Labels

Registration areas must print barcoded patient ID wristbands and patient labels quickly and efficiently, often with different requirements, such as a different quality of label or kind of wristband, based on the type of registration. Our solutions will help you print what you need in a cost effective way without having to initiate a major IT project.

Read our registration datasheet for more information on our registration wristband and patient label printing solutions.
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Changing of the Guard Society, Halifax, NS

Thank you indeed for your superb service. The very best in the future,
John Harrison, Treasurer
NB Health Card Label Printer
Everyone loves it. 
And it’s so easier for the admission staff to read the names or the health card number!

Assistant Nurse Manager, New Brunswick