ME550 CR80 LRIf you need a metal tag embosser which is portable and handles a CR80 size tag - 3.375" x  2.125" size tag (same size as a credit card), the new ME550 CR80 will do the job.  Earlier versions of the ME500 were designed for dogtags.  Use the ME550 CR80 for cable tagging using our breakaway tags, or use a one piece tag to emboss multiple lines of information on a data tag or serial number plate. CR80 CableTags Cropped 
Download Data Sheet

  • 7" high resolution touch screen
  • Up to 112 tags per hour, based on sixty characters
  • dimensions metal plates CR80 standard (85.7 mm x 53.9 mm / 3.37”x 2.12”)
  • materials stainless steel, aluminum
  • input hopper up to 120 plates capacity (0.4 mm / 0.0157 in)
  • thickness metal plates: 0.3556 - 0.70 mm / 0.014 - 0.027 in
3 up embossed cable tagmetal m10he 50989The M10 HE is a portable, robust, and compact solution for dog tag and metal plate marking. Ideal for manual personalization of metal plates and dog tags in any environment.
  • 60 character capacity drum
  • Manual operation
  • Only 28 pounds
  • Carrying handle
  • Plate width: 0.47" - 3.74" / 12- 95 mm
  • Plate heigth: 0.47" - 2.95" / 12 - 75 mm
  • Plate thickness: 0.0157" - 0.0354" / 0.4 - 0.9 mm
View CIM M10 datasheet
embossed colored tagsme500 manual fd1 28808The CIM ME500 is a portable tag embosser, designed for dog tags and medic-alert tags, different size tags can be used.  Each tag size may require its own input hopper.
  • Plate Width up to 65mm
  • Plate Height up to 60mm 
  • See data sheet for allowable plate thickness
  • Speed - Metal plates: one plate each 34 seconds (5 lines – 12 characters)
  • Speed - Dog Tags: one plate each 27 seconds (5 lines – 45 characters)
View ME500 data sheet 
Need 2D or data-matrix barcodes for tracking purposes?   ME500DM or the new Laser ML2000
embossed colored tagsme1500 final main image new 41674The CIM ME1500 is the slightly smaller version of the ME2000.  It was designed for applications where the speed and 4.5" plate width of the ME2000 is not required.
  • Acceptable Plate Width: 1.18" - 3.50"
  • Acceptable Plate Height: 0.83" - 2.50" 
  • Maximum Plate Thickness - stainless steel - 0.015"
  • Maximum Plate Thickness - aluminum - 0.015" - 0.035"
  • Speed - 235 tags per hour based on 45 characters
View ME1500 data sheet
Need 2D or data-matrix barcodes for tracking purposes?   ME1500DM or the new Laser ML2000.
ml 2000 web 83032Laser Marking SystemsLaser tag web 1 16538 are commonly used for part identification and product traceability information such as serial numbers, date codes, 2D data matrix barcodes, QR codes, 1D barcodes, manufacturing codes, material flow, graphics and logos.

embossed cable tagsME1000S 2000S WebThe CIM ME2000S metal plate embosser is the latest version of the well proven ME2000.  The ME2000S was designed for demanding environments with high volume tag requirements.  Multiple communication types including USB, serial, ethernet and wireless allow you to connect directly to your database, using CIM PowerTag or your own software. 
If you don't need automatic feed, choose the ME1000S.
  • 7 inch touch screen for easy input
  • Acceptable Plate Width: 1.18" - 4.53"
  • Acceptable Plate Height: 0.83" - 3.54"
  • Maximum Plate Thickness - stainless steel - 0.015"
  • Maximum Plate Thickness - aluminum - 0.015" - 0.035"
  • Speed - 233 plates per hour based on 55 characters
View ME2000S/ME1000S data sheet
Need 2D or data-matrix barcodes for tracking purposes?   ME2000DM or the new Laser ML2000.
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